Stephen Lucas, Lead Creative Progammer for Composition Studies at UNT created this game and programmed the code in html, css, and javascript. I have taken Stephen's game and made it minimal in the style of Abstract Expressionsim of the post-war era. During our term you will take this code and repurpose the game to create an aesthetic of your own. W and S control the left paddle; the up and down arrows control the right paddle. I made the sounds as notes generated in audacity; the ambient sound is relatively low note (measured in Hz) with a Paulstretch effect.



W/S – move left paddle up/down
cursor up/down – move right paddle up/down
R - reset
1 – cycle right paddle computer control
2 – toggle left paddle mouse control
M – toggle mute sound
N/B – volume up/down (0–10)

Computer control is OFF
Mouse control is OFF
Mute is false
Volume is 5 out of 10